Our Team


Dr. N.C.B. Nath

Chairman, FAIR

A pioneer in bringing professional management to the social sector, Dr. Nath worked in top management posts in both, corporate and public sectors. Amongst the various distinguished positions held by him in his long career are Director (Commercial), Steel Authority of India and Chairman, State Trading Corporation. Dr. Nath has also been actively involved in Indian management education. He was a Chair Professor of Marketing at the Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad) and continues to be a Visiting Professor at IIM, Bangalore. Dr. Nath was awarded the AIMS award in 2007 for lifetime contribution to management education.

Dr. Sashi Sivramkrishna

Director, FAIR

M.A. in Economics from the University of Mumbai, doctoral from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA. he returned to India in 1990 and continued research in economics and history at the FAIR. His research papers have been published in international journals like the JESHO, Environment & History, JID and JHD & Capabilities. In addition to research, he teaches Managerial Economics and makes documentary films. His film, The Curse of Talakad (2005), was screened at several international film festivals and in 2007 he was awarded the U.K. Environmental Film Fellowship for a film on climate change.

Dr. Preeta Nath

Director, FAIR

A Ph.D. in Sociology from JNU,New Delhi, Preeta Nath has worked in the social sector, both as a consultant and artiste, having participated in several theatre and music performances as well as street plays.She is doctoral thesis on Women in Management under Prof. Y. Singh provided a unique sociological perspective to what remains a challenging area for in management research.Her current interests include media and social sector and animal rights issues in India.

Professor M. Jha

Director, FAIR

A Professor of Marketing at the Indian Institute of Management, Professor Jha completed the Fellow Programme in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Professor Jha's teaching and research interests include product-market strategy, relationship marketing, social marketing, services marketing, rural marketing, and management of development programs and institutions. Follow the linkhttp://www.iimb.ernet.in/hi/user/123 for a profile of Prof. Jha.

Mr. T.R. Seshadri


Mr. Seshadri has held senior management positions in several leading Indian companies, including Director, Sundaram Finance.He also working FAIR

Dr. S. Ramachandran

Director, FAIR

A renowned metallurgist who worked with leading Indian steel companies, as well as vast experience and contributions to metallurgical research.

Mr. S.L. Rao

Director, FAIR

Having spent over 33 years in senior positions in multinational companies and as a management consultant, Mr. Rao is also a leading author of business columns in leading dailies and an author of path breaking books on the Indian economy. Visit his website www.slrao.com for a complete profile of Mr. S.L. Rao.