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Who We ARE

FAIR is a not-for-profit society, registered in 1978 with the objective of bringing together practicing managers and management teachers to help under-managed sectors in the economy. These sectors include sick industries, the unorganized or informal as well as social sector organizations with under-performing or non-performing assets.The provision of managerial practices and knowledge to these sectors of the economy was imparted with the ultimate objective that it would be for the benefit of society at large and the less fortunate within our society in particular.

describe FAIR

FAIR has a distinguished board of scholars and practitioners who have helped the organization’s researchers and staff in completing assignments. Many of the Directors of FAIR have been associated with management and social science education and are visiting faculty at some leading institutions in the country. Over the years FAIR has produced over 500 published and unpublished project reports and policy papers for national/international bodies as well as several publications in national/international peer reviewed journals.

Our Team


Dr. N.C.B. Nath

Chairman, FAIR

Dr. Sashi Sivramkrishna

Director, FAIR

Dr. Preeta Nath

Director, FAIR

Mr. S.L. Rao

Director, FAIR

Professor M. Jha

Director, FAIR

Mr. T.R. Seshadri

Director, FAIR

Dr. S. Ramachandran

Director, FAIR


"Exploring, Expressing and Communicating Development Challenges"

ARTiculations believes that the medium is as important as the message; verbal/ non-verbal and textual/non-textual media and multimedia technologies can be used to capture the audience’s attention and enhance the overall understanding of and contemplation on issues relating to development that we consider important. Finally, these works must be widely disseminated – here, apart from Internet-based dissemination and web-based news and information publications.

FAIR ARTiculations been conceived by
Dr. Sashi Sivramkrishna

ARTiculations Directors, FAIR Dr. Sashi Sivramkrishna completed his Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University and has several academic publications on environmental issues, history and economics. He is a documentary filmmaker whose work has been screened in several national and international film festivals.Dr. Sashi is also a Professor of Economics at NMIMS, Bangalore.