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    (Re)Visioning Economics and Development

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  • FAIR: Management, Education, Development"

    New Perspectives in Development Education



(FAIR) is a not-for-profit society, registered in 1978 with the objective of bringing together practicing managers and management teachers to help under-managed sectors in the economy. These sectors include sick industries, the unorganized or informal as well as social sector organizations with under-performing or non-performing assets. The provision of managerial practices and knowledge to these sectors of the economy was imparted with the ultimate objective that it would be for the benefit of society at large and the less fortunate within our society in particular.

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Screenings of documentary films made by FAIR team

  • The Curse of Talakad (2005)
  • Black Forests and Steel Cakes (2006)
  • Trading Pollution for Clean Development (2006)
  • Building a Green Future Now (2008)
  • A Looming Past (2010)
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EVI is an extension of FAIR’s core objective of disseminating knowledge and awareness related to activities in the social sector. It has been launched under the direction of Dr. Sashi Sivramkrishna and Dr. Preeta Nath who have brought together their strong academic background and research in economics, history, sociology and environmental issues with an understanding of the importance of images in reaching wider audiences.
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Project Event

Faces of Kudremukh

The "people versus forest" issue and narrates the opinions of people, NGOs and conservationists in this debate. The film was made in 2003 and shot in villages near Kudremukh National Park. The film can be used in classrooms as an introduction to issues forests and environment.
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Black Forest and Steel Cakes

Iron smelting & forest degradation almost 200 years ago? This report explores a passage from Mysore Gazetteer. Tracking Francis Buchanan's Journey of 1800-01 through iron making areas of Tumkur and Chitradurga districts we found remnants of traditional iron smelting.
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"Exploring, Expressing and Communicating Development Challenges"

ARTiculations is an initiative of the Foundation to Aid Industrial Recovery (FAIR) with the objective to support scholars (researchers, writers, poets, graphic novelists), traditional and contemporary artists (painting, art photography, graphic art, crafts, sculpture) and documentary filmmakers to commission, produce and disseminate thought-provoking text and other forms of creative communication with social and economic motives that inspire and educate a general interested audience in issues relating to the economic, social, cultural, historical and scientific facets of development.

FAIR ARTiculations been conceived by
Dr. Preeta Nath and Dr. Sashi Sivramkrishna

ARTiculations Directors, FAIR. Dr. Preeta has a Ph.D. in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. She has also completed two courses on Art and Art History from the National Museum, New Delhi. She has been a theatre artist and singer with several stage performances to her credit. Dr. Preeta has also published short stories, poems and articles on varied subjects, including art and artists.
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Latest News

India Project for Animals

Animal rights and animal welfare are issues intricately linked to the wider environmental issues of today. This film shows the devoted and compassionate activities of IPAN, an animal welfare organization, dedicated to prevent cruelty towards animals.
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Kenneth Anderson Nature Society

this film highlights the environmental issues that confront the Melagiri Hills nestled between the Cauvery and Chinar rivers in Tamil Nadu, India, containing an expanse of 1295 sq. kms of dry deciduous and semi-evergreen forests.
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A Looming Past

A Looming Past is an attempt to capture the sights and sounds of an ancient occupation in its contemporary and increasingly frayed context and at a critical juncture in its long and textured history.
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